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“Somebunny is on the way” Garden Baby Shower

“Somebunny is on the way” Garden Baby Shower

I decided to share about my baby shower as I myself read blogs for inspiration and ideas for future events. It’s always great to see how creative people get and mix things in with your own creative ideas! 

The bunny theme idea goes way back to when we first found out I was pregnant. My husband was coming home from work and stopped by for groceries. I was having a rough day (more like week) and he comes home with a blue stuffed bunny! I was surprised at the notion of the gift, asking “why a toy?”, his response was “I just felt like it and it was cute”. The next day we found out we were going to have a baby! Also explained why I was having a rough time (mood swings and a bit of nausea) haha. I was so excited that I was pregnant! 

Coincidentally, at the ultrasound we found out we are having a boy, which also tied to the bunny being blue in color. My husband now says he had a gut feeling, so maybe it was intuition all along!  

So when it came time for the baby shower, I decided to keep the bunny theme idea and ran with it.  


Ever since we moved into our house of residence , I’ve always wanted to do some kind of event in the backyard. It was nicely landscaped, had a beautiful arch and setting for an outdoor party! My husband being the champ he is, put up garden lights, trimmed the branches, helped with all the heavy lifting for the shower and made the whole thing possible. My sister and Mom brought my ideas to life with the shower. Most of my inspiration came from “Peter Rabbit/Velveteen Rabbit” events as well as garden themed events with forest animals. 

I love neutral colors! I didn’t want to be overbearing on the typical blue colors for a boy baby shower. Grays, whites, greens and a hint of baby blue were the perfect shades for a color palette. 


For the arch and sweets table decor, I picked “Elegant Weddings by Lana” who is a local vendor in Portland, who occasionally decorated for small events. She was very professional and I sent her my Pinterest idea board. Her team came by the morning of the event and setup the decor in about two hours.


With the arch I knew I wanted to add greenery and white curtains to soften up the look, and add string lights with lanterns for the outdoor feel. Lana had an accent chair and a white wicker bassinet from Potery Barn Kids which fit the theme perfectly. If she didn’t have a bassinet, I was going to have an accent chair with a hanging letters or florals on a ring that said “baby”. I also loved the idea of a tepee for gifts and bought that as well. I added battery operated string lights to it too.

It’s very easy to make a tepee yourself if you have time. For a feminine touch you could add flora or lace to it too.

Link to Pottery Barn Kids bassinet or similar here

Link to the Teepee below!

Some of my Pinterest board ideas!

(Photo credit goes to rightful owners as linked on my Pintrest board)


Dessert Table


The sweets table is was setup by the decorator who luckily has moss lettering already for “Baby”.  All I did was added the greenery (Eucalyptus, “Baby’s Breath” and some others...) from TJ’s. I included some signage I had from Hobby Lobby and an ultrasound photo of our boy! I was also going to add giant balloons with fringe on the sides but that was one of those things we did not get around to. 

I got the balloons on Amazon. 

I hope to use them in the future as they are super fun! 

The cake I ordered from  @simplybeautiful cakes and sent her images of what I wanted. It was going to be either a simple white cake with bunny ears made of wire as I have on my Pintrest board, or a dusted cake with silver and add succulents to it. Since I had other bunny themed stuff I decided to just order a two tier, dusted cake. I bought succulents on my own and added them in. Which is harder than it looks to do by the way, but the finished result was worth it.

Candle holders were my own and are from Michaels. 

Main Seating/Favors

We rented our chairs and tables for the baby shower, as well as the table linens and server ware. 

For the center of the table I added in the same greens as the sweets table, mixing in candle holders with tea light candles in between.

We were debating wether we should add a gray table runner to it (a little DYI with a long IKEA curtain) but opted out. We trimmed the hem on it or a more rustic look. 

The favors consisted of little glass jars with lids (from Michael’s) filled with various bath salts. On each jar I added a tag with a bunny stamp and a personalized note on the back.

I also had a drinks table with glass dispenser jars and sparkling water bottles for our guests. Food was laid out buffet style on the kitchen island for those wondering. 

Party Games

Activities are the toughest part of any party I think! I’ve had a few favorites that we planned to do.

We also got bunnies for the kids to play which they loved! The bunnies were kind of a last minute touch. I LOVE bunnies so naturally I had to make it happen. I actually found them on Craigslist the night before and luckily they were close by and very inexpensive. (Who knew?!) They were super friendly and used to being hand held by people. The sellers were so nice they included a gated play pen area/cover for them. All I had to buy was a small pet crate to transport them, water dispenser and rabbit food. Everyone enjoyed the company, me probably the most hehe. (We gave them away to a great loving home afterwards.) 


The Games:

“Guess the Belly Size” Game- Items needed: String & scissors.

  • Have each person measure out the string of what they think the moms circumference of the belly is. At the end have the mom to be measure her belly and whoever has the closest length in string to the mom to be, wins!

”What is in the diaper” Game - Items needed: Various candy, diapers & paper w/pencil. 

  • Take 3 or 4 diapers and melt various mixes of candy bars into each one (make sure you write down what you put into them for yourself and number the diapers). Some people do other ingredients, candy bars are most similar to poopy diapers in this case! You can microwave them for a few seconds to get the texture. (I know gross but fun haha.) Have each person guess what is in each one. The closest match wins!

“Daddy or Mommy” Game Questionnaires   - Paper copies or card stock cards.

  • You can make your own or buy templates of these questionnaires for your guests. Have the mom to be fill one out and who ever gets the closest answer sheet to hers, wins!

  • I found questionnaires for a baby shower at Target (the aisles at the entrance). They are also available on Amazon.

”Gift Bingo” 

  • Guests fill out a blank bingo card of what they think the Mom to be will receive for her baby. Once the gift opening starts... The first person to get a line across, wins!

  • Also found cardstock templates for this at Target! Print your own or order online.

”Hold It In” Run - Team Game. Items needed: Two coins. 

  • This game is fun for all ages and hilarious to watch.

  • Guests form two teams or three. Each team forms line of the same amount of people. Set a start line and finish line. Have each person hold a coin (like a penny or quarter) with their knees. They must walk with the coin between their knees without dropping it to the finish line and back to the end of the line and pass it on to the next person WITHOUT dropping it. Essentially it looks like someone that is trying to hold their pee in when they have to go haha. First team to complete a full loop, wins!

Any other games y’all like to play?! 


It was hard to find party invites that were bunny themed so I went with digital invites! The way it works is you find a theme you like, customize the details and the designer sends you a proofread before sending you a final copy for you to print/send out. There are many free ones but I purchased one on Etsy as it was hard to find one with my theme. I also loved the idea of books instead cards so I requested guests to bring books that are signed on the inside by them to grow my baby’s library! I’ve seen this at other baby showers and loved this idea! 

Once again thank you to all who came and helped out!  

Hope this is helpful for those looking for ideas or need some inspiration!  


I created my registry with Amazon as they had so many options at lower prices than the other stores. Their welcome box was filled with awesome goodies and there is a great bonus too for completing your registry. Guests loved it as they easily could order items through their prime account without having to go to the store. Click the link below to sign up!

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